Discount up to - 43% for online bookings!

Discount - 10% for 3-5 days!

Discount - 20% for 6 or more days!

Mon - Sun : 09am to 09pm +30 690 781 9448

Amorgos Car Rental Agency

Amorgosrentcar is the web representation of amorgos rent a car agency located at the port of Aegiali in Amorgos - Greece. Our fleet consists of 20 affordable cars that are almost new (Maximum 3 years old) for a problem free renting experience.

We focus our efford in providing great customer service, well maintained cars and good prices to all our clients. We have also invested a lot of time and money to this website in order to give a unique online booking engine that automatically applies discounts depending on the date of your arrival, the duration of the car hiring, the type of vehicle and other factors that can affect pricing. In all scenarios we put your interest first!

Offering the best service is not just about the vehicle's condition or the best price but also about the commodities one can give you, thus we proud ourselves for generously offering things like pickup and delivery of your vehicle, directions about places of interest and a 24/7 customer support in case of an emergency free of charge!

In conclusion you will find that amorgosrentcar is the best car rental agency in Amorgos with high quality cars, affordable prices and top notch free of charge services! You can find us:

Port of Aegiali
84008 - Amorgos, Greece
Cellphone: +30 690 781 9448
Tel: +30 22850 73504